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Duración: 29:25

Categoría: Deportes

Subido por: guycito

Reproducido: 1886 veces

Programa 3 de Los Mundiales de tu vida (9-8-13). Temas: México 86 y las eliminatroias en Europa.

Etiquetas: mundiales , 1986 , 86 , mexico , guy king , eliminatorias , maradona

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Los mundiales de tu vida - Programa 3 (Parte 1)
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3MLmW76Odmm dijo el 21/12/15:
Hi Gretchen Stephanie!So this comment is not a href=""annithyg/a related to this video, but something thats related with you guyz and youre recipes, my brothers birthday is coming up on November 2, and i dont know what to make him, we will get him an extra cake from a bakery incase my cake gets burned or something but anyway if you guyz could just show me or tell me what would fit together it would mean the whole world i would totally appreciate and then cry!!! His fav color is blue andfav characters : shaun the sheep , spider man, football,basket ball, cars (hot weels)So please help me out i really need help thank you guyz so much i luv u guyz!!!
Qkce9eM5 dijo el 19/12/15:
Im the Ready-Freddy mom! lol I learned from my mom, she alwyas had snacks in the house for afterschool and alwyas carried some around with her just in case